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‘When I was just four, my family moved to a farm and I was given my first horse,  Dodo.
I rode Dodo for a year before I got Daisy, a 14hh chestnut stock horse and I have had her since I was 5 years old. My most memorable moment was the first time I cantered and now my favourite horse sport is eventing.
Daisy and I love going to gymkhanas and we competed in our first one when I was 8 years old. I was in the Stanthorpe Pony Club at the time and I came second place in my group. Since then, I have competed in many gymkhanas and
have won numerous ribbons and trophies. I am now a member of the Cambooya Pony Club.
I love getting Daisy ready for eventing by braiding her tail and mane. We use NRG No-Nots and NRG Proplaits, and even though Daisy doesn’t like spray bottles, she really loves how easy and comfy it is for me to brush the knots from her
mane and tail and keep her braids in place. Daisy has been my biggest challenge; she can be quite stubborn and has been known to buck. But I am inspired by show jumper, Edwina Topps-Alexandria as I want to be a show jumper
Some people think Daisy is just an animal, but when they say that, I tell them, she’s not just an animal, she’s my team mate and definitely, by far, my best friend!!!

Lucy BioDaisy Bio
Born: 10 March 2002Breed: Stockhorse
Lives: Felton South, QldHeight: 14hh
Age Started Riding: 4 years oldName: Daisy
Riding Highlight: My first time cantering Paddock Name: Daisy
Likes: EventingLikes: Carrots and NRG Stockgain
Dislikes: NothingDislikes: Spray Bottles

I love gettng Daisy ready for competing with NRG No-Nots for her mane and tail.

Lucy Doyle

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