Minor Cuts

What You Need:

  • Saline solution or clean water
  • Clean cloth
  • NRG Pro-tect cream

    For minor cuts and lacerations, we recommend NRG Pro-tect to be applied directly to the wound site. The natural oil-based cream with Sulphur assists to relieve pain, helps to detoxify cells, boosts collagen production to heal scars and improves the skin on and around the wound site. Sulphur is also a natural block against parasites and allergens.

Pro-tect is water-resistant and absorbs into the skin to withstand the impact of rain for several days after application.

For minor cuts and lacerations:

  1. Wash the wound site out with saline solution or clean water.
  2. Using a clean cloth, rub to remove any dried blood, excess dead skin, or foreign particles in the wound
  3. Apply Pro-tect cream liberally across the wound site
  4. Repeat above steps each day for 5 days
  • Note: NRG Pro-tect forms a natural protective barrier over the wound site to help improve healing time.

It's amazing how many cuts and nicks my horses get in training and competition. We use Pro-tect all the time to make sure the cuts heal up quickly.

Shaun Dillon - Professional Eventing Rider and NRG Team Ambassador

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