Australian Owned and Made


Being wholly Australian owned and made has always been an important part of Boyce’s thinking since the days of running his own Olympic Saddlery retail store in Lilydale. He had long understood that products made locally for local people were always of better quality, but it wasn’t until the mid-1980’s when international trade barriers were lifted and the local retail market was turned upside down that he saw the full impact of a new global marketplace.

Container by container loads of cheaper imported products….saddles, bridles, bits and boots all flooded the shelves of Australian retailers and quickly forced many local manufacturers to either cut corners in their process to remain competitive or get out altogether. Seeing long-time friends close their businesses and listening to disappointed customers complain about poor quality imported products stayed fresh in Boyce’s mind as he set about to build his own business.

He wanted to make horse products, and he wanted to do it well. But beyond this tenant, he also wanted to think locally. Wherever he could, Boyce would employ local, buy local, hire local, and invest local. Community mattered to him and he always made time to talk to other local business owners to see how they were going, share stories and discuss ways to solve problems at a local level.

And, to his credit, this attitude continues today. Despite the pressures of rising manufacturing costs, dwindling Australian suppliers, slimming profit margins, and increased overseas product competition, Boyce still looks locally first before making any decisions about his business. He knows and sees the value of investing in local suppliers, keeping the profits local, and being able to keep the jobs local too.

So when you are next at a retail store and have the choice between two competitively priced equine products, at least you know there is often a lot more history behind a local product than an imported one.


When your manufacturing story is more than 30 years old, you have a lot more experience and insight into the equine product market than most. Many products come and go. Many burst onto the scene as ‘game changers’ or ‘market leaders’, but the real test is how these products stand up to the extreme demands of Australia’s horse people. If the products don’t work, not only will horse people stop buying them, they’ll let everyone else in their network know just what kind of experience they had. You rarely get a second chance when hard earned money has been handed over in faith, and all they get in return is another dusty disused product on their tack room shelf.

So that’s why Boyce will always use Australian made ingredients wherever possible. He knows where they have come from, just how much effort has gone into making them, and what kind of result he will get. Only a very small percentage of ingredients used come from overseas simply because they cannot be sourced in Australia anymore. This commitment and preference for Australian ingredients delivers the product results that The NRG Team is famous for.

If you are not satisfied with your NRG product, we want to hear about it. In fact, Boyce always wants to hear what people have to say about his products. Especially if they aren’t satisfied.

Boyce has never shied away from constructive criticism because that’s what made his products better. He would always be out in the paddock or stable testing a prototype or asking industry friends to test his new products to see what kind of progress he had made.  Only when the constructive feedback started to dry up and the results were repeatable with his own horses did he begin to think that his latest offering was finally ready for market.

So when you use an NRG product, rest assured that is has gone through an extensive and rigorous testing process and stood up to some of the most fussy horse people in the country.