Liz Keating

Liz Keating

Liz trains horses and riders

There isn’t much that Liz Keating doesn’t know about the Western Pleasure industry. And you’d expect she’d be a wealth of knowledge on Quarter Horses having her own Coaching and Performance Training facility along with serving as a Director of the Australian Quarter Horse Association. And to have 30 years’ worth of experience in the Quarter Horse industry, you’d assume she is a lot older than she actually is. The fact is that Liz just loves what she does, loves sharing with people what she knows, and just seems to do it all really well.

Liz is the owner operator of Lifestyle Performance Horses where she coaches newcomers into Western Performance riding through introductory clinics. She also has up to 8 horses in training at any one time and offers many lesson programs that are tailored to individual riders to assist in skill building, event training and performance coaching.

Liz started her riding career as a youth riding Hacks and Galloways, before quickly moving to Western in her late teens. She then moved on to the Amateur and Open ranks where she enjoyed many great successes at State, National, Australian Halter Showcase and NPHA levels, specialising in Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, and all pattern events.

The NRG Team approached Liz to become a member of the team and was delighted to find out that she had already been using their products for years.

“As I usually have a barn full of younger horses, I find the NRG Calcium invaluable for bone development, Apple Cider Vinegar in feeds every night to help lubricate joints, and Stockgain in feeds and often in water to keep the horses hydrated.”

Her show season usually starts around September and runs until the end of May the following year, after which she uses the winter months to break in the prospects for the following show year. When preparing horses for the show pen, Liz uses Proplaits for banding the manes and No-Nots is ideal to use with the false tails by helping to keep the dust from the ends.

Keep an eye out for Liz in the Western Performance scene and don’t hesitate to throw some questions at her too.

Liz Bio:Horse Bio:
Born: Croydon, VictoriaPreferred Breed: Australian Quarter Horse
Lives: Undera near SheppartonPreferred Classes: Western Pleasure, HUS and Trail
Started Riding: First pony at 4Liz Looks For: Good conformation and movement
Riding Highlight: Winning NPHAFavourite Horse: Chances Fortissimo
Likes: A quick wit and a laughHorse Beliefs: A good horse cannot be a bad color
Dislikes: NegativityTraining Mandate: Keep it simple for horse & rider

"As I usually have a barn full of younger horses, I find the NRG Calcium invaluable for bone development and Garlic Apple Cider Vinegar in feeds to help lubricate joints."

Liz Keating - Western Performance Rider and NRG Team Ambassador

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