Coat Markers

Coat Markers

What you need:

  • NRG GlossArena
  • Body Brush
  • Small ‘Lice’ Comb – Plastic or Metal

For Quarter Markers

  1. Spray the rump and hindquarter of your horse with NRG GlossArena and rub in with your hands.
  2. Using the ‘Lice’ comb and starting near the hip, comb the hair in a straight even line towards the tail.
  3. Begin marking the squares from the middle of the rump at the dorsal line. Brush against the coat across the coat for approx. 5cm (or the width of the comb).
  4. At the finish line of your previous stroke, comb with the hair across to create an even line at the base of your first square.
  5. Measure one comb width towards the tail. Starting at the bottom right corner of your first square, comb another section across the hair to create a second square. Comb the hair across at the end of this second square to create an even line.
  6. You will notice that you are creating a series of equal squares made up of hair brushed with and against the horse’s coat.
  7. Continue this process of measuring a comb width across, starting the next square at the corner end of the previous square.

For Sharks Teeth

  1. Spray the body brush with NRG GlossArena.
  2. Start at the hip line and holding the body brush slightly upwards from horizontal. Brush the hair towards the rear of the horse. Repeat down to the top of the thigh.
  3. To create the first tooth, hold the brush at the hip at a 45° angle pointing downwards toward the hock, and brush towards the buttock. You will notice the first tooth pointing at the hip.
  4. Hold the brush horizontal starting at the bottom corner where your previous brush mark began, and brush at a slight upwards angle towards the buttock.
  5. Hold the brush back where your previous brush began, but at a 45° angle pointing slightly downwards. Brush down to meet the lower edge of the rear tooth facing your brush.
  6. Repeat this process of holding the brush horizontal for one stroke and at a 45° angle downwards for the second stroke to create the edges of the teeth as you brush towards the rear of the horse.

For a Moon

  1. Hold the brush vertically near the left hand base of the tail. Use the top left hand edge of the bristles to sweep a line downwards following the buttock muscle line down towards the hock.
  2. Repeat on the opposite side.

For Work/Hunting Markers

  1. Prepare the coat by spraying the NRG GlossArena and brushing backwards from the hip to the tail. Brush the entire rump and hind quarter.
  2. Holding the brush at a 45° angle, start a brush stroke at the dorsal stripe near the hip and brush downward stopping halfway down the hind quarter.
  3. Leave a gap of approx. 5-7cm and create an identical stroke behind the first.
  4. Brush down the dorsal line for a clean top edge to your markers.
  5. Hold the brush at a near horizontal line at the bottom of your brush strokes and brush a neat edge towards the rear of the tail.
  6. Finish the Work / Hunting Markers with Sharks Teeth underneath and a Moon at the tail.

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