False Tail (W)

Attaching a False Tail for Western Events

What You Need:

  • False tail
  • Rubber bands
  • Thinning scissors

Some points to consider:

  • The key to this process is being familiar with braiding hair.
  • It is a lot easier to have a second person to assist the start of this process as you begin braiding the false tail into the real tail of the horse.
  1. Firstly, measure the length of the false tail against the horse’s natural tail to locate the attachment point.
  2. Brush aside the top layer of tail hair and gather a 5cm band of hair underneath from the base of the tail.
  3. Separate this band of hair into three separate strands. Take one of the strands and form a loop starting at the base of the strand.
  4. Take the false tail loop and thread this strand loop through the false tail loop. Then pull the entire strand through the false tail loop. Hold the strand up higher than the false tail so the false tail loop hangs close to the base of the strand.
  5. Take the second strand of hair and cross the first strand over the top to begin a braid. Hold the crossed strands together.
  6. Now take a strand from one side of the false tail and cross it over the top of the two crossed strands to continue the braid.
  7. Now take another strand from the false tail on the opposite side and cross this strand into your braid. Make sure you are keeping pressure on the braid as you move downwards.
  8. Once you have braided both sides of the false tail into the braid, take another strand of natural tail from one side, cross it over the top and work the strand into the braid.
  9. Now take another strand of natural tail from the opposite side and work this into the braid. This will stop the two tails separating.
  10. Braid another two more crosses of false tail strands from opposite sides AND two more natural tail strands afterwards and work them into the braid.
  11. Hold the braid tightly as you apply TWO rubber bands to secure the end of the braid.
  12. Take hold of the bottom strands of the braid just below the band and pull apart in opposite direction to tighten the braid and apply upwards pressure on the band. This will help the braid sit flat inside the natural tail.
  13. Finally, pull the top layer of natural tail up and over the braid to hide.
  14. Brush the outer layer of tail over the hidden braid. No-Nots can be used to help separate out the tail hairs and achieve a lustrous full tail.
  15. Gather the false and natural tail together at the end and trim any uneven lengths of hair.

"NRG Proplaits and No-Nots cuts my grooming time in half during the show season. You can't put a price on that."

Liz Keating - Western Performance Trainer and NRG Team Ambassador

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