Fussy Eaters

What You Need:

• NRG Stockgain
• Watering Can (optional)
• NRG Rewards

Add a small dose of undiluted Stockgain to any hard feed to encourage horses to finish their entire mix without any waste. This ensures your horse consumes the entire mix without trying to pick around or spit out certain grains they don’t like.

Tired of seeing wasted hay scattered all over the paddock? Having trouble convincing your horse to eat the hay portion that is given? Simply mix a small amount of Stockgain into a watering can and pour over any new hay you leave in the paddock to greatly minimise wastage and significantly increase the chances of your horse eating all the hay that is provided.

The rich sweet taste of Stockgain will mask any powders or liquid medicines that you need to administer to your horse. Many oral medicines and supplemental powders have strong unpleasant tastes that horses will flatly refuse. Once your horse is used to a highly-nutritious Stockgain infused hard feed, simply add your extra medicinal or supplemental powders or liquids to the feed and maximise the chances of your horse eating everything in the bucket without fuss. You can also try the Stockgain-infused NRG Rewards bars to assist with oral medicines.

I add NRG Stockgain to Charlie's feed every day and she loves it- she can hardly contain her excitement once she smells the Stockgain in there. She doesn't get as excited when I forget to put it in!

Danielle Weymark - Para Equestrian and NRG Team Ambassador

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