Heat, Wind and Sun

What You Need:

• NRG Pink Noze

The hot, dry and windy conditions of an Australian summer can lead to a range of skin afflictions on sensitive pink and white skin. NRG Pink Noze was developed to shield against these Aussie conditions.

• Apply NRG Pink Noze, using the supplied sponge, to sensitive and affected skin areas including the nose, lips, ears, eyes, under the tail or other affected areas.
• Apply enough to cover the affected area. A uniform blanket of ‘pink’ cream will be visible is enough is applied.
• Leave for several days then reapply.

Note: If your horse is prone to rubbing or wearing a nose flap protector or loose halter then more applications may be necessary.

Pink Noze is just amazing. We've been asking for a sun protection cream for ages and are looking forward to summer with more confidence.

Liz Keating - Western Performance Icon and NRG Team Ambassador

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