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The new alternative by request.

So you are ready to enter the arena with a great glossy shine on your horses coat, the wind picks up and along comes the dust….It is attracted to your horses coat! Next time; try NRG GlossArena, the one that doesn’t attract dust.

We all want that glossy shine on our horses coat without the greasy feel left behind. At last, we have an Aussie made coat shine created not to attract dust. NRG GlossArena contains no harmful chemicals, is water based, conditions and softens hair and is suitable for all animals.

So easy and quick to groom with, you will want to use it every day, not just for the show ring.

For best results, wash and dry your horse before applying GlossArena.  Lightly mist spray at a 30 cm distance away from your horse’s coat, using a sweeping motion. Smooth over with a soft brush or cloth helping to keep the finer hairs in place. Allow a couple of minutes to dry as GlossArena does not contain any harmful drying agents. Repeat. We find 2 lighter coats are more effective than 1 heavy one. Once dry, polish over with a soft brush or cloth to enhance shine.

Created NOT to attract dust
Not Sticky or Greasy
Quick and Easy to apply
With the advantage of Citronella Essential Oils
No harmful chemicals

"I am so excited to have this coat shine in my tack box. It is so easy to use and comes in handy for making a nice shine on my horses coat".

Kaitlyn Martin