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Gone are the days wasting hours of time pulling manes and wrestling with tangled hair and tails. Save time and frustration by using Australia’s widely recognised hair de-tangler and conditioner – NRG No-Nots. This water-based grooming solution is free from harmful chemicals, simple and easy to use, and doesn’t leave an oily finish on the coat or on you!

Simply spray No-Nots into manes and tails making sure all areas have been covered with the solution. Then simply groom the hair with a light brush and comb. For longer lasting applications, spray the hair with No-Nots and leave for 10 minutes before grooming as this will allow the hair to absorb the spray and ensure the strands are easier to groom.

Cleaning up your horses’ coat is also easy with NRG No-Nots. Just spray onto the muddy patches and watch as the dirt and grime is lifted away with each brush. Regular grooming with No-Nots will keep hair soft and manageable making it easier to care for your horse and save you time.

Let NRG No-Nots take the chore out of grooming!

Key Benefits:
Save time and frustration
Trusted hair de-tangler and conditioner
Water-based with no harmful chemicals
No oily finish
Use on mane, tail and coat

"I lose count of how many times I use No-Nots over the course of an event....manes, tails, coats. When I compete on multiple horses, the No-Nots gets a real workout."

Shaun Dillon - Professioanl Eventing Rider and NRG Team Ambassador

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