Stride Hoof Cream

Size 500ml
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Take all the quality ingredients from the Stride Hoof Dressing recipe and package it into a more convenient, 500ml no-mess easy to use container, throw in a free brush, and you have the popular NRG Stride Hoof Cream.

Stride Hoof Cream still delivers all the proven ingredients including Lanolin, Pine Tar, Selected Waxes, Natural Oils, and Petroleum Jelly that nourish the hooves, keep them looking good in the ring, performing soundly between shoeing, and crack-free during long spells in the paddock.

The no-mess 500 ml container with a convenient brush friendly lid is great for the tack box or the ‘go-to’ cabinet in the float. Stride Hoof Cream will blacken the hooves naturally, keep them nourished and supple for easy shoeing, and encourage healthy and strong hoof growth.

Key Benefits:
No-mess easy to use 500ml container with brush
Natural black hoof dressing that lasts
Help nourish hooves to keep them supple
Help encourage healthy hoof growth

"Stride Hoof Cream is all part of the glam routine that all my horses get before competition. It's easy and isn't messy to use."

Mia Glass - Dressage Rider and NRG Team Ambassador

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