The NRG Team Unveil a Soothing Sun Protection Cream for Horses

NRG Pink Noze hlps protect horses against hot, dry and windy Australian conditions.
NRG Pink Noze helps protect horses against hot, dry and windy Australian conditions.

Well respected equine product manufacturer The NRG Team has released a new product designed to help protect horses with sensitive skin against hot, dry and windy summer conditions in Australia. Practically named ‘Pink Noze’, this natural soothing sun protection cream was developed to be a lasting topical barrier against harmful UV rays that can cause significant damage to pink and sensitive skin.

NRG Pink Noze contains a range of soothing ingredients including Zinc, Vitamin E and natural oils that absorb into the skin and leave a lasting barrier while helping restore dry and damaged skin. The NRG Team company founder Boyce Deverell responded to calls from around Australia for a natural sun protection cream for horses but had a member of his own team at the top of his priority list.

NRG Horse ‘Jake’ suffering cracked and irritated skin from sunburn and grass itch
NRG Horse ‘Jake’ suffering cracked and irritated skin from sunburn and grass itch

“Our poor Jake suffers terribly from dry, cracked and irritated skin every summer and he was the horse that motivated us to create Pink Noze,” said Boyce.

“We knew the cream had to restore cracked and irritated skin, but it also had to stay on long enough to be useful to the horse. We knew that horse owners didn’t have the time to be applying creams daily, so we took our time to make Pink Noze water resistant so it stays on longer. The feedback from customers so far has been really encouraging.”

Pink Noze is fragrance free, does not contain any harmful chemicals, and is water resistant to provide a barrier of sun protection for up to several days. The 400gm container comes with an applicator sponge to ensure the horse remains comfortable when first applying the cream to sensitive skin.

Horse owners need only apply Pink Noze once every 2-3 days. After repeated use, the skin absorbs the oils and helps create a natural barrier. Pink Noze is designed for pink and pale skin around a horses face but can also be used on sensitive skin around the mouth, head, and body.

Ask for Pink Noze at all good saddlery and produce stores. For more information visit

The NRG Team is a wholly Australian owned and family operated business manufacturing high quality equine products since 1973. Based in Victoria’s picturesque Yarra Valley, The NRG team has developed a broad range of food supplement and grooming products for horse owners both around Australia and overseas. NRG products can be found on retail shelves across Australia and exported to New Zealand, New Caledonia, Thailand and China.


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